About Us



About Us

Our company has been an established construction firm, creating homes in different locations. As your trusted partner, it.medadvice.net slot up we are assuring you of an excellent workmanship from start phase of the construction until the turnover of the project. Reigner’s Construction Company is a competent full service construction and construction supervision firm. The company has built a solid reputation for consistently and safely delivering contracts on time, on budget and to exacting standards. We fully understand that our success depends on the quality of our work and pride ourselves in providing optimum levels of service and first class contract delivery to our clients.

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We have a wealth of expertise in developing infrastructure, buildings, sea defence, providing remediation, devising coastal and flood protection, road construction and managing complex logistics for renewable energy.

Our range of services include Engineering And Architectural Drawings, Adequate Supervision Skills and Experience, civil engineering design, structural engineering design, geotechnical engineering, project management, developmental advice and environmental impact assessments.

As we know, land is a finite resources and a prime investment to own. Land being transformed into great cities, nice homes, convention grounds, is one great feat to accomplish. Developing acres of this prime property entails a lot of planning and building.

Our Company, Reigner’s Construction Company (RECC) has been able to establish numerous residential homes in the different parts of the state. Through the use of the newest it.medadvice.net slot up technology coupled with several years of experience in the construction business and supervision, we are assuring you of excellent workmanship from start to completion of the project.

As the job includes a lot of detail sand price comparisons, we can offer you a package price that can match the industry’s standard, tailored to your needs, rest assured that the quality and service that we render will be suited to your needs and will meet your expectations.

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We believe our total commitment to exceeding our clients varying needs combined with our passionate, dedicated and experienced staff makes us stand out from the crowd and is why our clients come back to us time and time again.